Open source vp8?

A number of sources (not including google themselves, so far) are reporting that google are to open source the vp8 codec that they acquired on2 earlier this year.

If true, this is really good news. Open source needs a good high quality video codec backed by a large organisation such as google. Hopefully, Mozilla will put their weight behind this in time too.

I hope we will soon see vp8 content on you tube.

new Dragonfly release

It looks like DragonFly BSD is about to get a new release.

I think I’ll try it again once that is out. I like the DragonFly BSD design goals although I haven’t been keeping up on how close they are to being achieved. I also like the idea of massage passing in the kernel. Despite being a monolithic kernel it is starting to adopt microkernel features.

Amiga mags

Amiga magazines
I have finally got rid of all these old Amiga magazines. I previously gave away my Linux mags, and now these Amiga mags. All that leaves is my old ZX Spectrum magazines. Any Spectrum fans out there who want a load of old Crash magazines?


pan of chilli

This is how much chilli I had to cook when I discovered the freezer had somehow been turned off and all the food was defrosted. Yum.


The latest crypto-gram is out. Interesting snippet (reformatted by me)

“The UK has used terrorism laws to stifle free speech. Now it’s using them to keep pedestrians off bicycle paths. And to prevent people from taking pictures of motorways I get that terrorism is the threat of the moment, and that all sorts of government actions are being justified with terrorism. But this is ridiculous.”

Ridiculous indeed.

For anyone who doesn’t regularly read cryptogram, I recommend having a look. It has made me think about some aspects of security in very different ways.



To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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Half marathon statistics

In addition to Robert’s graph, here is another showing the average number of runners finishing the race as a function of time. Clearly the most “popular” time is around two hours. The two peaks shown are probably just random, but I can’t help imagining that they represent those trying extra hard to finish under two hours and then those who know they have passed the two hour mark and so slowed a bit.

Race finishers per minute

Other statistics:
Mean race time: 2:05:45 (time from start gun sounding to runner passing finish line)
Mean chip time: 2:02:13 (time from runner passing start line to runner passing finish line)
So the average time taken to get over the start line after the gun went was 3:32

The male to female ratio was very nearly 2:1 There were 4729 men and 2357 women, so if 5 of those men had actually been women it would have been exactly 2:1. The average male came in ahead of the average female by almost 16 minutes.

It would have been interesting to have more data available such as age, location etc.

Half marathon.

Sarah and I did the Robin Hood half marathon yesterday. My legs still don’t work properly. We both came in at around two hours which isn’t too bad.

Linux graphics

I have been occasionally trying to follow developments of various graphics technology in Linux. Compared to competitors, Linux lags behind graphically on the desktop.

Recently various X developers have often talked about new developments such as EXA, xgl, egl, xegl, glitz among others. This has become a bit confusing since some of these are complimentary technologies but some are competing altertatives. None is finished and available yet and there is still debate about which are better anyway.

I keep checking fairly regularly to see if there is anything I can download and test yet. Looking at xorg list indicates that EXA support is now being added to most popular drivers.

Two interesting things happened today. Firstly, a patch for EXA support for the radeon driver was posted. (most of my gfx hardware at home is radeon based) The second thing was a post to LKML by Jon Smirl linking to a summary of what all these technologies are. It gives a good explanation which has certainly clarified things for me, even if he does appear a little biased against EXA. (perhaps understandable for a egl/xgl developer)

Martin the cyborg

Nice one, Robert

Mechanical Artificial Repair and Thorough Infiltration Neohuman

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