Version control LUG talk

I did a talk last week for the Nottingham LUG. It was a basic intro into approaches to version control, followed by a few examples.

People have asked for a copy of the presentation, so I have put that and some other LUG talk material of mine (including work in progress) into a bazaar repository. You can get it with:

bzr branch

Migrating to a hosted server.

I decided some time ago to move all my services from my home ADSL connected server to a hosted machine. Well, now I’ve finally got around to it. Services are being moved over one by one. Hopefully I’ve not messed it all up and you should actually be able to read this.

Anyway, I’m pleased so far with the virtual debian server black cat networks have supplied me. Anyone looking for a low-end server with full root access should take a look.


I’ve got back from Lugradio Live 2006. I was an impressive event. Lots of talks, lots of people and a fair amount of drinking at the party.
On the “cool new software” side of things I found Mirco Müller’s Lowfat talk and demo intriguing. There is some good fun but also seriously important stuff going on there I think. Michael Dominik’s Diva talk useful. It looks very promising so far, although it did leave me wondering about why there is not more collaboration between diva and pitivi. I’m not suggesting they should merge or anything drastic like that; they clearly have different goals. I just think that they could share infrastructure like gnonlin. gdv really seems to fill the same role. Anyway, I will continue keeping a close eye on both projects.

Definitely the most impressive part of the whole weekend for me though was Simon Phipps, both in his “The zen of free” talk on Saturday, which was excellent and taught me a way of looking at open source that I didn’t even realise I was missing, and in his contribution to the “Mass debate” earlier in the day. Brilliant.

I’m sure many of the ones I missed were equally good. It’s just a shame we can’t see everything.

Fix-it meet and apache weirdness

NLUG had quite a successful meeting last night at the Navigation. Those who brought along machines that they needed help with got help and I think everyone went home happy. It was good to see some old and new faces there. I took my laptop along although I didn’t have any specific problems that I needed fixing with it.

No problems, that is until I tried to run apache so that one of the other lug members could download some files from me. It ended up turning into the major unfixed problem of the evening. Many of us suspected it was just a bug somewhere (this laptop runs rawhide) and I eventually found that apache was refusing to serve static content where the files were 256 bytes or larger. Suddenly I suspected the kernel, and sendfile() in particular. Possibly related to recent splice() and tee() work. Once I configured apache to stop using sendfile() as a workaround all was well.

I guess if it’s not fixed in the next couple of kernel updates, I’ll try a vanilla git kernel before filing a bug somewhere.

Good Advocacy.

Last night we had a great talk from Jono Bacon (consultant, writer, and LUGRadio bloke) about good linux advocacy. I went to the talk expecting it to be an entertaining event with a good turnout, but not expecting to learn that much - being a good linux advocate is pretty much just common sense I thought. Well, it is actually. But Jono gave me some things to think about and make me look at the problem a bit differently.

Overall a great meet. Good beer at the Navigation as well. A few of us filmed the talk and I hope to have some appropriately encoded media files available fairly soon.

What is Linux?

Martin Lomas gave an introductory talk on Linux at last nights Nottingham LUG meet. What it Linux, why do people use it, the philosophy, the community were all covered. It was good to return to basics after a few recent more advanced talks. Overall it was a very worthwhile talk to attend and we had a few good surrounding discussions. I was relieved to hear that this is not the same talk Martin would give to his customers when teaching them about Linux. It did get rather evangelistic at times. (to put it mildly!)

I had the usual few pints at the Newshouse afterwards before missing the bus (as usual) and ended up walking home blathering about nonsense to Roger.

Mono talk

I gave an talk to our LUG yesterday introducing folks to the mono project. It seemed fairly well received. Several people said they are now more likely to download and play around with mono which is good. There were four new faces at this meeting as well which is also good. Anyway, I have put up a mono page for those who asked for my slides and examples. I’ve also included a few mono related links.

NLUG Elections

Yesterday was the first NLUG AGM. Well done to Robert Postill, Michael Erskine and Martin Lomas who are now President, Treasurer and Secretary of our LUG.

NLUG Recording.

Some of us at the Nottingham LUG decided we should try recording some of the talks.

Rob Postill gave a talk recently on disaster recovery (practicing for the a talk on the same subject at lugradio live)

We did an experimental recording of Rob’s talk. It needs editing and preferably some attention from someone who can amplify it a bit and do some noise filtering, but in its fairly raw form it is available on the files page.

It probably should go on the NLUG pages after editing if we decide it is good enough quality.