NLUG Elections

Yesterday was the first NLUG AGM. Well done to Robert Postill, Michael Erskine and Martin Lomas who are now President, Treasurer and Secretary of our LUG.

Public key

I finally got around to generating a new gpg keypair. Here is my public key Nobody has signed it yet and I will update it if they do.

NLUG Recording.

Some of us at the Nottingham LUG decided we should try recording some of the talks.

Rob Postill gave a talk recently on disaster recovery (practicing for the a talk on the same subject at lugradio live)

We did an experimental recording of Rob’s talk. It needs editing and preferably some attention from someone who can amplify it a bit and do some noise filtering, but in its fairly raw form it is available on the files page.

It probably should go on the NLUG pages after editing if we decide it is good enough quality.