Linux graphics

I have been occasionally trying to follow developments of various graphics technology in Linux. Compared to competitors, Linux lags behind graphically on the desktop.

Recently various X developers have often talked about new developments such as EXA, xgl, egl, xegl, glitz among others. This has become a bit confusing since some of these are complimentary technologies but some are competing altertatives. None is finished and available yet and there is still debate about which are better anyway.

I keep checking fairly regularly to see if there is anything I can download and test yet. Looking at xorg list indicates that EXA support is now being added to most popular drivers.

Two interesting things happened today. Firstly, a patch for EXA support for the radeon driver was posted. (most of my gfx hardware at home is radeon based) The second thing was a post to LKML by Jon Smirl linking to a summary of what all these technologies are. It gives a good explanation which has certainly clarified things for me, even if he does appear a little biased against EXA. (perhaps understandable for a egl/xgl developer)

Martin the cyborg

Nice one, Robert

Mechanical Artificial Repair and Thorough Infiltration Neohuman

Google talk

Well google talk is finally here and uses jabber as its protocol and even lists various free IM clients as supported.
If any NLUG folks or anyone else who knows me want to IM, I am garton at

Nerd test

My computer geek score is greater than 93% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Oh dear. A score of 93 with only 7% of entrants scoring higher. If it was 7% of the population I wouldn’t be worried, but this is 7% of people who chose to take part in a nerd test.

Sandstone Trail

I got back yesterday from a few days walking and camping holiday (pics here) along the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire with a few friends. The trail goes from Frodsham to Whitchurch and is about 32 miles. My legs are still tired.

Mono talk

I gave an talk to our LUG yesterday introducing folks to the mono project. It seemed fairly well received. Several people said they are now more likely to download and play around with mono which is good. There were four new faces at this meeting as well which is also good. Anyway, I have put up a mono page for those who asked for my slides and examples. I’ve also included a few mono related links.