Half marathon statistics

In addition to Robert’s graph, here is another showing the average number of runners finishing the race as a function of time. Clearly the most “popular” time is around two hours. The two peaks shown are probably just random, but I can’t help imagining that they represent those trying extra hard to finish under two hours and then those who know they have passed the two hour mark and so slowed a bit.

Race finishers per minute

Other statistics:
Mean race time: 2:05:45 (time from start gun sounding to runner passing finish line)
Mean chip time: 2:02:13 (time from runner passing start line to runner passing finish line)
So the average time taken to get over the start line after the gun went was 3:32

The male to female ratio was very nearly 2:1 There were 4729 men and 2357 women, so if 5 of those men had actually been women it would have been exactly 2:1. The average male came in ahead of the average female by almost 16 minutes.

It would have been interesting to have more data available such as age, location etc.

Half marathon.

Sarah and I did the Robin Hood half marathon yesterday. My legs still don’t work properly. We both came in at around two hours which isn’t too bad.