Fix-it meet and apache weirdness

NLUG had quite a successful meeting last night at the Navigation. Those who brought along machines that they needed help with got help and I think everyone went home happy. It was good to see some old and new faces there. I took my laptop along although I didn’t have any specific problems that I needed fixing with it.

No problems, that is until I tried to run apache so that one of the other lug members could download some files from me. It ended up turning into the major unfixed problem of the evening. Many of us suspected it was just a bug somewhere (this laptop runs rawhide) and I eventually found that apache was refusing to serve static content where the files were 256 bytes or larger. Suddenly I suspected the kernel, and sendfile() in particular. Possibly related to recent splice() and tee() work. Once I configured apache to stop using sendfile() as a workaround all was well.

I guess if it’s not fixed in the next couple of kernel updates, I’ll try a vanilla git kernel before filing a bug somewhere.