I’ve got back from Lugradio Live 2006. I was an impressive event. Lots of talks, lots of people and a fair amount of drinking at the party.
On the “cool new software” side of things I found Mirco Müller’s Lowfat talk and demo intriguing. There is some good fun but also seriously important stuff going on there I think. Michael Dominik’s Diva talk useful. It looks very promising so far, although it did leave me wondering about why there is not more collaboration between diva and pitivi. I’m not suggesting they should merge or anything drastic like that; they clearly have different goals. I just think that they could share infrastructure like gnonlin. gdv really seems to fill the same role. Anyway, I will continue keeping a close eye on both projects.

Definitely the most impressive part of the whole weekend for me though was Simon Phipps, both in his “The zen of free” talk on Saturday, which was excellent and taught me a way of looking at open source that I didn’t even realise I was missing, and in his contribution to the “Mass debate” earlier in the day. Brilliant.

I’m sure many of the ones I missed were equally good. It’s just a shame we can’t see everything.

new Dragonfly release

It looks like DragonFly BSD is about to get a new release.

I think I’ll try it again once that is out. I like the DragonFly BSD design goals although I haven’t been keeping up on how close they are to being achieved. I also like the idea of massage passing in the kernel. Despite being a monolithic kernel it is starting to adopt microkernel features.