Binary drivers

Amazing. Not that this exploit has been discovered. That’s no surprise at all. What’s amazing to me is that people will still continue to load large blocks of unknown, unauditable code into their kernel or as an xorg driver.

Guys, you are already potentially handing over control of your machine to someone who isn’t even willing to let you look at what they are doing with it. Now it turns out that what they are doing is writing poor code so that you are in fact handing over control to any sufficiently skilled attacker, and there is nothing you can do to fix it.

Actually, why am I bothering?

“Yes, but what about shiny games?” I imagine will be the response. I understand that for many this is a simple matter of priorities, but I just wish people would realise that when they hand over hard earned cash to a company, they are not just doing what is most convenient for themselves, but they are supporting that companys ideals and further empowering them. And that indirectly affects everyone.