Schrödinger 0.6.0

For those who don’t know, Schrödinger is a library implementing the quality Dirac video codec. It is triple licensed using MPL ,GNU LGPL and MIT. It is important because although we already have Theora, another free video codec, Schrödinger is much more advanced and is comparable in quality to current popular non-free codecs.

I’ve been loosely following the development of Schrödinger for a while now and it has been usable for quite some time. The main barrier to its use however has been the lack of bitstream compliance. In other words, if video is encoded with one version, it might not be possible to decoded it with a future version, and vice versa.

In the latest 0.6.0 release though, full bitstream compliance has been achieved. This means that as long as there are no bitstream bugs, video encoded with this version will work on all future versions.

In the past, video downloads have often been offered as a choice between theora and e.g., xvid, giving the user a choice between freedom and high quality. I now look forward to these both being replaced with Schrödinger which provides both.

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