Novell, moonlight and Sun

Shortly after the recent announcements from Miguel regarding Novells partnership with Microsoft to develop moonlight, Simon Phipps responded in hos blog criticising the agreement.

Not long after, Miguel and others counter attacked. Now I’m not going to comment here about whether I think the Novell / MS agreement is a good or bad; I haven’t even looked at it closely yet. What I will say though is that one of the main responses from the Novell supporters has been to call Simon a hypocrite because of how Sun have or do license some of their products.

This misses the point. That nobody has answered all of Simon’s criticisms on their own merit is a bit worrying. I don’t really care about what Sun has or hasn’t done now or in the past. Let’s take each thing on it’s own and debate it. Can someone tell me why Simon Phipps is actually wrong in his criticisms? He may be completely wrong, but saying “Novell isn’t bad here because Sun is just as bad” doesn’t cut it.

If someone wants to start another debate about Sun’s licensing then fine; go for it.

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  1. October 12th, 2007 | 1:52 pm

    I stopped following the conversation as soon as Miguel stated that Simon can’t pass comment on Freedom as he uses a non-Free OS.

    Grrr! Why must everything be black and white?

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